Non motorized vehicle traffic violations, suspension of use, sharing of bicycles

time: 2017-06-06

[Abstract]6 from 1 to 11, Shenzhen traffic police investigated and dealt with 17537 cases of non motorized vehicle traffic violations, and offenders will be suspended in accordance with the number of illegal use of shared bicycles for more than a week.

The bike takes the motor lane, goes retrograde, and runs the red light...... Stop sharing bike rights. Reporters learned yesterday from the city traffic police bureau, in from June 1st to 11th, Shenzhen traffic police investigated and dealt with non motorized vehicle traffic violations 17537, the offender will be suspended according to the number of illegal use of shared bicycles for more than a week.

The traffic at the city traffic police bureau deputy chief of parking lot management department Gao Hao said, in order to further standardize the city's non motor vehicle traffic order, Shenzhen traffic police joint in deep sharing enterprises to deepen the integrity mechanism by bike, on June 1, 2017 jointly issued a "joint statement" on the sharing of users for the bicycle, on June 1st after deep in the non motor vehicle traffic violations the actor takes the "stop" measures: since June 1st, the year driving non motor vehicle traffic offense records stopped 1 times for 1 weeks, one year driving non motor vehicle traffic offense records stopped 2 times 1 months, one year driving non motor vehicle traffic violations recorded more than 3 times (including 3) the first half of the disabled.

Gao Hao told reporters: "non motor vehicles, including bicycles, electric cars, tricycles, etc., any one way of illegal behavior will affect the sharing of bicycles."."

According to statistics, from June 1st to 11, Shenzhen police investigated a total of 17537 cases involving non motor vehicle traffic violations, which involved 5768 cases of illegal bicycle traffic, bicycle is a shared 3165 cases, accounted for 54.87% of the total traffic violations involving bicycles. The ofo small yellow car 1392 cases, 1385 cases, 256 cases of v-mobile blue, Xiaoming 27 cases, 19 cases, 1 cases, and the worship of the 6 COOSKIN 4 cases, other 76 cases of bike sharing.

Traffic police Shenzhen big data analysis, within 11 days, involving sharing bike traffic violations, the largest number of Luohu District, 1004, Futian District 995, ranked second.

The illegal road, the top ten were: 406 Shennan East Road, East Gate Road 224, the people Avenue 201, 155 Baoan Road, Houhai Road 128, East Ring Road 116, Wah Fu Road 115, Fuhua Road 103, 96 road along the river.

From the point of view of the time node, sharing bicycles illegal concentrated in the morning and evening peak hours, morning peak 8:00 - 9:00, illegal phenomenon is more prominent. Its illegal activities are mainly "driving non motorized vehicles in the motor lane", and "occupying the lanes of other vehicles"".

In addition, the sharing of bicycles was mainly male based, with a total of 2376 passengers, accounting for 75.07%. Age from 20 to 35 years old mainly, among them 20 to 25 years old accounted for 31%, 26 to 30 years old, accounting for 26%, 31 to 35 years old, accounting for 14%.

Gao Hao said that the Shenzhen police on June 5th, 12 days in the 11 days of illegal traffic data sharing involving deep cycling (total 3165 cases) communicated to the shared bicycle enterprises, in accordance with the "Joint Declaration" on the sharing of bicycle user behavior requires the sharing of bicycle enterprises take measures to stop the illegal partial behavior. As the transition period from June 1st to July 1st, enterprises only remind the relevant users. After July 1st, non motorized vehicle traffic violations will be taken strictly according to the regulations.


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